Friday, January 29, 2010

Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Massage?

Massage is wonderful for maintaining stress levels, improving skin tone, and improving overall health. But are you getting the most out of your massage? It's your money, your body and you should have a say in how your professional massage is going. In other words, you need to communicate with your massage therapist.

Here are some tips to consider when you're going in for your body massage:
  • Do fill out your client intake form truthfully. Old injuries, medications you're taking, and even allergies to nuts and/or flowers could be important information for your massage therapist. The better understanding your body worker has of your medical conditions, old and new, the better she can address your needs.
  • Do notify your therapist if there has been a change in your health history on subsequent visits.
  • Do communicate to your massage therapist the amount of pressure you like. Even if in the beginning you say you like DEEP tissue massage and halfway through the massage session you find that you cannot tolerate the pressure...tell her! A good therapist will adjust her pressure according to the client's preference.
  • Do remove your contact lenses prior to the massage, or if this is not possible, inform the massage therapist that you have them in.
  • Do be a few minutes early to your massage appointment to ensure that you get your full session time.
  • Do be specific about which areas you would like your body worker to spend extra time. You may be in for a full body massage, but you may need more work on your lower back. A good therapist will adjust her massage timing accordingly to accommodate your needs.
  • Do reschedule your massage appointment if you are ill!
Good communication with your body worker is key! Conversely, if you feel you're not being heard by your massage therapist, look for a new one. Bodywork is personal, you should be very comfortable with the quality of the service you receive and the rapport you have with your therapist to get the most out of your massage.


The Information Contained Herein Should not be Considered Medical Advice; Nor is it Meant to Treat, Diagnose, Prescribe or Cure Any Disease. Seek the Guidance of a Qualified Health Professional if You Have Concerns or Questions About your Health issues.

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