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Home Remedies for Spider Bites

There many Home Remedies for Spider Bites, from raw eggs, to slices of bread to activated charcoal. Here are a few popular natural remedies.

Baking Soda remedy:

Mix one part spring water to three parts baking soda for a thick paste. Apply directly to spider bite. Pureed garlic (one clove) may be added for antiseptic qualities.

Garlic remedy:

Apply a slice of garlic directly to spider bite, secure with a bandage, leave overnight for this natural remedy.

Salt spider bite remedy:

Wash affected area, apply salt (sea salt or kosher is better in my opinion.) You can dampen a bandage, sprinkle salt on pad then adhere bandage to the bite.

These remedies will have various heal times depending on the type of spider bite and how quickly a remedy is applied after a bite.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some people have been mistaking boils caused by MRSA for spider bites. MRSA is a serious infection. Do not assume you have a spider bite if you didn't actually see the spider or feel it bite you. If you're unsure, seek advice from a qualified medical practitioner.

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Monday, April 6, 2009

Quick and Easy Sore Throat Relief Gargles

Most of these ingredients you most likely already have in your house and are quite simple to mix and use:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide Gargle = equal parts spring water and hydrogen peroxide, gargle in the morning and before bed. Rinse mouth with spring water afterwards. Many people swear by this remedy for fastest sore throat relief.
  • Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Gargle = 2 tsps of OACV with a cup of warm spring water. Gargle morning and before bed.
  • Lemon Juice Gargle = Juice of one medium sized lemon or lime mixed with a cup of warm spring water. Gargle as needed. Another variation to the lemon juice gargle is halving the lemon juice and water, add 1/4 tsp cayenne pepper and a TBL of salt.
  • Salt Water Gargle = Another standby for sore throat relief, 1/2 tsp sea salt dissolved in a cup of warm spring water. Gargle in the morning and before bed.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Remedies for Smelly Feet

There’s nothing worse than taking off your shoes and nearly passing out from the stench from your little piggies. Smelly feet are a problem nobody wants and there are a few natural solutions to control the odor. Here are a few remedies for smelly feet.

Keep your feet clean – Take the time to thoroughly wash your feet on a daily basis and dry completely when finished bathing. Examine between the toes for signs of athlete’s foot. Wear shoes that can breathe and socks that do the same.

Lavender foot bath method remedy for smelly feet – To a basin of warm water, add 5 drops of lavender essential oil, 2 drops patchouli essential oil, and 3 drops of cypress essential oil. Soak your feet for 15 minutes daily for a week. You should notice a difference right away and your feet will enjoy the pampering.

Black tea foot bath cure for smelly feet – Boil 2 teabags of black tea to a pint of water for about 10 minutes. To the tea, add ½ gallon tepid water. Soak your smelly feet in the tea for 30 minutes a day for seven days. This method relies on the tannic acid in the tea to kill bacteria and close the pore on the bottom of your feet which in turn controls the perspiration of your feet.

Chronic foot odor that does not respond to various odor controlling methods may be a sign of illness. Be sure to see your doctor to rule out any underlying health conditions.

Treatment of Herpes through Natural Supplements by Editor123

There are few who can understand the pain of a Herpes victim. This disease caused by the Herpes simplex 1 and Herpes simplex 2 virus manifests itself by breaking into painful and infectious blisters. Apart from subjugating the patient into a state of several physical trauma, it harms the patients on an emotional level as well since due to the infectious nature of the disease, the patient is rendered to be a social outcast.

Thankfully natural herpes supplement are gaining widespread popularity and importance amongst the patients and medical fraternity alike. More so, because the most modern medicines can achieve is suppressing the symptoms of the disease like itching, irritation, pain and burning. The Herpes virus remains dormant in the body of the patient and can raise its head as soon as the victim let his guard down. Hence, reinforcing the immunity of body through natural herpes supplement is a very wise move.

The commonly and most effective natural herpes supplement are L-lysine, acidophilus, zinc, Vitamin C and E. The natural herpes supplements are applied topically and can be taken internally to counter the effects of Herpes.

There are many benefits associated with natural herpes supplement. They are absolutely safe and do not have considerable side-effects as opposed to their chemical counterparts. It is especially important when the patient is allergic to certain chemicals or is hyper-sensitive to their use.
Being natural they are also quite inexpensive. As no patent or other associated costs are involved they are available at a fraction of the cost of the branded drugs.
They suppress the symptoms while not interfering with the natural rhythm and functioning of the body.

They are also easily available throughout the globe. They do not create dependency as is the case with many prescription drugs.

Being natural, the patient can chart his own routine of treatment depending upon the progress he is making. This reduces the medical bill to a great extent as the patient does not have to run to a registered medical practitioner to report each minor variation.

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Yoga And It's Advantage by getallabout

Why are so many people today getting into Yoga! While most of the people are not actually into the metaphysical, theoretical or religious basis of Yoga, although many of them are, the one thing that no-one can deny is the incredible rewards of greater health, liveliness and balance that outcome from a regular Yoga practice. In the east Yoga has been proficient for 1000s of years and shows no signs of flagging, in both India itself the birthplace of most forms of widespread Yoga, and in most Asian countries which have their own form of yoga known below various names.

Now what Yoga actually is! Yoga is a system of techniques and disciplines that move the user to an end objective. The system may vary as in the many different forms of Yoga, but the end result always is the same, to find the true balance within and without that leads to knowing the self entirely. Now that may seem like a big ask, but even taking a few steps toward that end objective can result in multi-faceted changes in the life as people begin to feel the effects of better posture, better focus and better health. Yoga literally means the union of body, mind and soul that leads to betterment and enlightenment. Within the many forms of Yoga there are the constants, those physical postures that enable the body to become more flexible, balanced and healthy and create a body awareness that can be felt in every day life.

This body awareness helps to keep people healthier as we are able to become aware almost immediately of any imbalance in their body. In today's busy world people are often too busy to take note of the smaller warning signs that their body is becoming overloaded, either through stress, toxicity or poor dietary and sleep habits and they often do not know they are becoming unwell until it is far too late to prevent. People end up sick and in bed and at times this can become the only time we take off from our busy schedules. It is this Yoga cultivated body awareness that can help people to prevent and pre-empt most of these illnesses and become aware of the need to slow down and take some time for ourselves so that we can be at our best, and giving of our best at all times. People also get to enjoy the time off rather than spend it in bed wishing someone would just bury us alive.

An Asana or posture or pose, is meant to be refreshing and relaxing rather than fatiguing or requiring effort, although some forms of Yoga are a real exercise. These postures while performed regularly are meant to create a stable and balanced use of the body in all situations. Some of the postures have been developed from copying the characteristic postures of animals, birds, reptiles and insects and others as form of dance performed as a prayer to the sun. All of them prepare the body for standing, sitting or moving in conscious stillness as meditation.

There are a few commonsense rules that should be observed before performing a Yoga exercise. One should allow at least 2 to 3 hours going by after a main meal and an hour after a snack. They must empty the bladder and if possible the bowels; sponge over their body to give a feeling of freshness before they begin; wear loose fitting preferably stretchable clothing and workout on a level floor or park and be sure the room has adequate ventilation. People must use a thick blanket or yoga mat under his or her body. For greater control and for deepening their practice they should use a Yoga Swing. There are many types of Yoga filtering into Western society which means it will be easy to find one that suits them.

Read about Diet Fitness Magazine. Also read about Yoga Guide and Health Lifestyle Magazine

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