Monday, June 7, 2010

What is Reiki Exactly?

On a recent episode of Rules of Engagement, the character Adam was giving his fiance', Jennifer, a massage. He started out with classic massage strokes, then announced that he read about another massage technique called Reiki then proceeded to pummel Jennifer's back with poking, prodding "strokes" causing her pain and distress.

I have to say, as a Reiki healer, it was disappointing to see Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) depicted in this erroneous manner. Reiki is NOT a massage technique. It does not hurt, require force or involve classic massage strokes. Reiki falls into the category of energy healing in that a Reiki practitioner channels energy into the client through their hands.

The word Reiki is broken down into two words: Rei = Spirit, ki = energy. Reiki is often times called Universal Life Energy. It is all around us and available to all. A Reiki practitioner is someone who has been 'attuned' by a Reiki Master/Teacher and is able to channel Reiki energy. There are three levels (four if you count the Master/Teacher level,) Reiki I, Reiki II and Reiki Master. The amount of Reiki a practitioner can channel increases with each attunement level and how clear the Reiki practitioner keeps themselves. Reiki practitioners are simply Reiki energy conduits.

Reiki is an effective, non-invasive healing modality in that it helps the client heal themselves on a physical, mental or spiritual level. Most clients feel a deep sense of calm and relaxation after a Reiki session. Others may have an emotional release which is needed to begin their healing process. Minor maladies such as headaches can disappear within one session.

A full Reiki session may last about one hour. Typically, the client will lay on a massage table while the practitioner places her hands on different parts of the client's body, usually following the the chakra points. A chakra balancing Reiki session can be as short as 15 minutes.

Level II and higher Reiki practitioners are able to do distance healing where they need not be present with the client to channel energy to them. If you opt for a distance healing, it is best to receive the energy when you are retiring to bed when you will be most receptive.

If you've yet to experience a Reiki session, I encourage you to find a practitioner near you and give it a try. You'll enjoy it.


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