Monday, January 12, 2009

The Power of Intent

Today I was reminded of the power of intent and conscious presence. I had a new client who requested a chair massage before his flight.

As I was palpating his shoulder area, I noted how tense he was and also became aware of nervous energy pulsing through me. The client, at the same time, was flinching has I worked deeper into his tissue. I stopped and asked if my pressure was too much. He assured me it was fine. I continued working.

As the massage progressed, I was a little distracted by the nervous energy I was feeling, concentrating on having it flow through me as opposed to blocking it. My client was still twitching and flinching.

I stopped again, "Are you sure this is not causing you pain?"

"No," he replied. "I'm just really very nervous; I have a fear of flying. I'm like this even after a Valium."

Ah. This explained the nervous energy I was feeling and this information allowed me to redirect my intention. Instead of thinking "pain relief", I began thinking "calm, peace, you're going to be all right." I focused my intention with thoughts that would calm a child who's afraid of the dark.

Within a minute, my client stopped twitching, his breathing became regular, more steady. I ended the session with energy balancing Polarity holds that left him feeling well and ready for his short flight.

Healing, whether it be spiritual, physical, emotional, can be aided with the power of intention and being fully present for the person you are assisting. Touch is an ancient healing tool, one that is often overlooked in Western medicine. When touch is coupled with intention, amazing things can happen. Today's massage session was a small example of that power.


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