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Massage Therapy can Support Your Weight Loss Program

Integrating regular massage therapy into your weight loss program has benefits of which you may not be aware. Massage alone will not get you to your weight loss goal, but when used in conjunction with strategic exercise and a nutritional diet plan, it can help you lose inches faster.

Massage can help take inches off your thighs.
Massage reduces fat deposits. According to a study published February 2010 in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, massage is effective in reducing subcutaneous fat deposits. This study was made up of 60 subjects who were randomly divided into three groups. Group 1 received mechanical massage. Group 2 received lymphatic massage (manual lymph drainage,) and Group 3 received connective tissue manipulation (myofacial release/deep manipulation). The results of this study showed that all three groups had “thinning of the subcutaneous fat after the treatment”. Thigh circumference measurements were reduced by an average of 0.5 cm in all groups while thigh fat thickness in Group 1 decreased 1.66 mm, 2.21 mm in Group 2 and 3.03 mm in Group 3. You will notice that the hands-on massage modalities produced the best results for fat loss.
Massage tones your skin.
Massage is a vasodilator which means that it increases blood and lymph flow to your tissues and increases circulation. Increased blood and lymph flow supports your weight loss program by:

·       removing toxins and fats from your tissue
·       bringing oxygen and nutrients to your cells for faster repair
·       toning and tightening the skin

Additional ways that regular massage therapy will support your weight loss program:

Massage supports weight loss efforts.
·       After your workout when your muscles are tense and tight, massage will smooth and lengthen muscles which will go a long way in deterring soreness and injury. Swedish massage and sports massage/deep tissue work well for this.
·       If you’ve pulled a muscle, proper massage techniques can shorten your recovery time and get you back into your workout routine faster. Therapeutic massage or medical massage can address specific conditions such as IT band syndrome or shin splints.
·       An abdominal massage can aid in digestion and elimination which can help you lose inches on your waistline.
·       Lymphatic massage is especially effective in helping the body drop water weight and reduce bloating. Your lymph system is a transport and filter system for the body. Increasing lymph flow gives your body an immunity boost while it rapidly pulls toxins, fluids and waste products (including fat) from your tissue.

The key to effective weight loss and maintenance is proper eating habits (not fad diets,) and a good exercise program that incorporates strength training, cardio, and stretching. Incorporating regular massage therapy will support and accelerate your weight loss efforts.

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  1. Maria, thanks for the info, massage as a vasodilator and it's effects on fat deposits is a real eye-opener. I wish I lived within your area! excellent advice!

  2. Always happy to share knowledge QS. Thanks for reading my blog. Tell a friend!


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