Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Define Your Learning Style to Boost Your Intelligence

Linguistic Learners use books to learn.
Did you know there are seven different learning styles? Sadly, schools and most learning institutions only teach  to one or two styles which can make a lot of people feel like they're not as smart or quick to learn as others. However, if you can define your learning style, you can creatively boost your intelligence without a lot of extra effort.

 Consider these different styles of learning and determine your best fit(s):

Interpersonal Learners work closely with instructors.
  • Intrapersonal, or self-directed learning. This person paves their own path to learning based on a decision to learn.
  • Interpersonal learning. This person works closely with an instructor to learn all about the subject at hand.
  • Visual learning. As indicated, learning occurs by direct observation.
  • Musical Learning. It's all about finding the rhythm of the task.
  • Kinesthetic learning. Here, learning is occurs by physically tackling the task or skill.
  • Logical learning.  All aspects of a skill are analyzed before attempting.
  • Linguistic learning.  Knowledge is obtained through books or listening to CDs.
By identifying your learning style(s), you can cater to your strengths and devise methods to better absorb and learn new skills and information. 

We are intelligent in our own ways. Sometimes we need to be creative in how we access and utilize our intelligence.

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