Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Flower Essences to Facilitate Personal Growth

FES Flower Essences
Flower essences are vibrational medicines that are effective in aiding personal growth by helping to heal body-mind-spirit.  Unlike conventional medicines that interact with the body on a biochemical level, flower essences work on the body’s subtle energies to facilitate change. 

In other words, as human beings we are more than just our physical bodies.  We also have subtle body energies: an emotional body, mental body, and a spiritual body where our problems may be “stuck”.  Flower essences are the imprints of the healing energy of flowers and plants infused in water. They work on our subtle energy bodies elevating our awareness of our inner challenges while strengthening our resolve to work through our problems thereby stimulating personal growth.

~ To change a pattern of anxiety, fear of the unknown, you might try the flower essence Aspen.
This essence can strengthen the qualities of trust so that you can gain confidence to tackle the unknown and move forward in your personal growth.

~ To change destructive impulses, or ease a tense and rigid outlook in your life, you can use the flower essence Cherry Plum which can assist in connecting you to your higher self to develop trust and bring balance into your life.

~ To change your pattern of emotional neediness; to overcome possessiveness or manipulating behavior – consider using the flower essence Chicory.

~ Do you find yourself constantly longing for the past, unable to move emotionally into the present?  You may use the flower essence Honeysuckle which can assist you in being fully present in the moment and accept what is.

The examples above are a very small taste of what flower essences have to offer. The field of vibrational medicine and flower essences is quite large and comprehensive.  There are practitioners that can guide and council you on your path to personal growth and who can blend a specific formula of flower essences just for you and your goals. 

Flower essences are non-toxic, do not have drug interactions and are considered herbal supplements.

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